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What is a payroll direct deposit?

Payroll direct deposit is the repayment method used for a Lendly installment loan offered by CC Connect. You control and manage the repayment of your Lendly loan via a payroll direct deposit through your employer’s payroll, including the ability to change the amount and cancel disbursements. Our success team is available to assist with any questions.

How does a payroll direct deposit work?

A payroll direct deposit ensures worry-free payments on your Lendly loan by CC Connect. A payroll direct deposit is a repayment method that sends a portion of your paycheck equal to the amount of your required Lendly loan payment directly to us as a payment on your Lendly loan with CC Connect. The rest of your paycheck is still sent to your personal bank account. So, the payroll direct deposit works just like a deposit of a portion of your paycheck into a second banking account.

Is a payroll direct deposit required for a Lendly loan by CC Connect?

Yes, a payroll direct deposit is required for a Lendly loan by CC Connect, however not every employer’s payroll system supports payroll direct deposit to more than one account. You can work with your employer to understand more about its system and available payroll distribution options.

Can I cancel my payroll direct deposit as a repayment method on my Lendly loan by CC Connect?

Yes. You can cancel the payroll direct deposit repayment, and you have full control because the repayment process is based on your paycheck distributions and how you have them setup with your employer and payroll provider. If you cancel your payroll direct deposit repayment, then it is your responsibility to make on time payments. Acceptable payment methods include ACH, check, or debit card. To make payments on your loan, please go to your customer portal at and click “Login” or call our Customer Success Team at 1-888-8LENDLY (1-888-853-6359).

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