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How can I apply for a Lendly loan?

You can apply at

Does being declined hurt my credit score?

No, loan denials are not reported to the credit bureaus.

My application for a Lendly loan was declined. What are my options?

If you feel as though you entered information incorrectly on your application, you may reapply at Lendly utilizes third-party services for validating information on your application. If the denial was a result of one of these services, you may contact that vendor to discuss information you feel was reported incorrectly. Please contact Lendly at 1-888-8LENDLY (1-888-853-6359) for further information on the vendors we use.

What is your credit reporting policy?

All Lendly loan payment history is reported to a credit reporting agency every month.

How does applying for a Lendly loan affect my credit?

Upon applying for a Lendly loan a credit inquiry will likely appear in your credit history. This may have a small impact on your overall credit score.

I haven’t established credit yet. Can I still apply?

Yes. A lack of established credit will not necessarily disqualify you from getting a Lendly loan.

Do you consider other factors in addition to an applicant’s employment history?

Yes. While time on the job is a factor considered when reviewing loan applications, your income will be reviewed, and third-party services are used to verify the information that you provided in your loan application. Inaccurate information in your loan application might disqualify you from getting a Lendly loan.

What is the minimum credit score you will accept?

Lendly loan applications are not approved or denied based solely on a credit score. A low or subprime credit score will not necessarily disqualify you from getting a Lendly loan.

Do you consider household income when reviewing applications?

Only the applicant’s income is reviewed during the application process.

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